Discover The City With A Bike Tour To Soak In All The Flavor

A city is not made up of its museums and landmarks so if you really want to soak up the essence of city you are visiting you should go on a discovery tour. This is how you can learn about the actual things that make a city what it is. You can see the people, the architecture, plazas and all the good stuff that is usually left out of museums and books. Also since these tours are guided by a person that knows all sorts of stuff you will also learn the trivia of the city.

girls on bikes

This is a great idea as well because it’s a group activity so you can learn and observe things that you normally miss. Also after the tour is done you’ve got a whole bunch of drinking buddies to share stories with.

Types of discovery tours

Getting around – from this point of view the best kind of discovery tours Brighton wise are by bike or by foot. This way you can really absorb every detail and you can make stops everywhere you like to ask questions and see a little extra, off the tour map. While both types of tours are nice, the bike one is a little speedier so you can cover more ground, also the exercise is good.

Group types – as far as groups are concerned you can either go with a general group or you can choose to have a private group of only you and your family or friends. In most cases general groups are more fun and a little cheaper.

Art Should Be Respected but That Doesn’t Mean it Can’t Join the Party


With the internet spreading like wildfire, it was only a matter of time until online art galleries have taken off. With the online networks and their methods becoming more and more sophisticated, the world-changing tech phenomenon is taking over art galleries. A regular art exhibit is no doubt exciting. There is something truly extraordinary about being there; it just moves your blood. You feel the smell of the paintings or other art creations, and you don’t have to rely on anything else other than your senses. Luckily for you, the same sensation can be recreated online as well.

Online auction has become a thing

Online art galleries are amazing. Sometimes you can actually experience more compared to being there. Not to mention, it makes it much easier for novice artists to reach more people. When the future customer sees something that interests them, they can either buy it instantly or see it with their own eyes in its original environment. This makes it much easier to find quality pieces that are truly worthy of our attention.

Amazing opportunity for starting artists

What was basically impossible two decades ago, is more than possible now. The platform that the internet and online art galleries can offer to young and talented artists is as powerful as it is prevalent. People are interested in buying all kinds of things from the comfort of their home, and paintings and other art works are not among the few exceptions.